Restricted key systems

A Restricted Key System from Peter Hyatt Locksmiths will prevent any un-authorised persons duplicating your keys. We have had over 27 years experience in designing, implementing and maintaining restricted key systems.

The Restricted Key System only allows cutting of additional keys on a specimen signature basis, provided by an authorised representative then matched to our signature on record. Cutting of additional keys is also noted on the client record for future reference and added security.

For more information on Master Key, Grand Master Key and Keyed Alike Restricted systems contact us .

Key Management Software

For more information please view our brochure in regards:

ProMasterKeyManager ProMasterKeyManager (2796 KB)

We We also have experience with key management software, ProMaster Key Manager that can keep a track of your keys and their users.

ProMaster Key Manager easily stores information about the keys you have.

ProMaster Key Manager automatically updates the key quantities in (available for issue) and out (currently issued), so you always know how many keys you have and who has them.

There is a lot we can do with this software so contact us today to learn more about ProMaster Key Manager and how it can work for you.