Peter Hyatt Locksmiths is able to help you whether you are looking for padlocks for residential, business or industry use. Give us a call to find out about our range of great products, or view our product brochures here:

Lockwood brochure

Lockwood_General_Purpose_Padlocks_Catalogue Lockwood_General_Purpose_Padlocks_Catalogue (127 KB)

Lockwood_High_Security_Padlocks_Catalogue_Section Lockwood_High_Security_Padlocks_Catalogue_Section (127 KB)

Abus brochure

LSC_Abus_83Series_Padlocks LSC_Abus_83Series_Padlocks (1007 KB)

Choosing the right padlock

When making your selection consider the following points:

  • The value you place on the property protected
  • The level of protection required: basic, good, high or maximum security
  • Size and Strength of the accessory to which the padlock will be attached
  • The strength of the structure to which the padlock will be attached
  • The environment in which the padlock is to be used

Corrosion resistance rating

All Lockwood padlocks and padlock accessories are exposed to an accelerated corrosion test to evaluate their resistance to corrosion which is great in our tropical climate.