• Construction Key

    A key which is supplied for construction locks. During construction, a builder is supplied with an access key to the area or site of construction. When construction is completed, the key is then rendered inoperative to prevent further access.

  • Deadbolt

    A bolt which is not triggered by an internal spring, and is operated manually. The bolt cannot be returned by end pressure when locked.

  • Deadlatch

    A lock with spring-triggered latchbolt and auxiliary bolt. The bolt is depressed by a strike when the door is closed. This automatically deadlocks the latchbolt against return by end pressure.

  • Deadlock

    A lock which is deadbolted by a key or turnknob.

  • Deadlocking Latch

    A lock with a spring-triggered latchbolt. The key or turn knob deadlocks the latch bolt against return by end pressure when the door is closed.

  • Disc Tumblers

    Spring-loaded flat discs or wafers which prevent rotation by the cylinder plug if the key is incorrect. Rotation occurs when the correct key is inserted

  • Grand Master Key

    A key which operates two or more groups of locks. Each group is operated by specific master keys and locks are operated with individual service keys.

  • Handed

    This term refers to a product which is specifically intended to be used on right hand doors or left hand doors but not both.

  • Hold-Open

    The attribute of a door closer unit which allows the door to remain open when held until it is released.

  • Maison System

    A keying system which is appropriate for flats, offices, motels, hotels and apartments. Each has an individual key which cannot access any other lock except its own, but can operate communal entrances or service areas.

  • Master Key

    Can open all locks which have individual service keys.

  • Mortice Lock

    The mortice lock is recessed into a doors edge as opposed to being supported on its surface.

  • Nightlatch

    A lock which has a spring-triggered latchbolt.

  • Patio Lock

    A lock with an internal push or turn button which locks the outer handle. Key-entry is blocked from the outside

  • Rim Lock, Rim Latch

    A lock or latch which is mounted to the outer surface of a door.

  • Single-Action Escape Lock

    A lockset which is mounted to a door. To exit through the door, a single action is performed without key usage.

  • Tubular Bolt

    A cylindrical cased bolt which needs a round hole on the outer edge of the door.